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SEO Services Overview

PA Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Services
5 5 / 5 Stars Our business has increased so rapidly...
"We have tried so many different companies before we found Nolan. He has been an absolute blessing to our business. We started getting results almost immediately. Our business has increased so rapidly because he made us more visible. His company treats us like family and cares about our business. If you are searching for an SEO guru, your search is now complete. Give him a call." , West Lawn, PA 05/02/18
Search Engine Optimization of PA is
  • a Local and National SEO and Internet Marketing Services and Consulting Business; and
  • owned and run by proven independent SEO expert Nolan Noecker.
I offer a full range of SEO services ranging from
  • training existing staff; to
  • developing, hosting and totally running your site with continuous maintenance and SEO optimization for a commission.
I'm 100% confident I can help you increase web traffic and profits because I
  • have 12 years of real-world SEO and Internet Marketing experience owning and running my successful online businesses;
  • know what to do and how to apply it to different situations; and
  • know what to avoid.
If you have a great product or service and serious about growing your business on the Internet, please contact me. We'll start today.

Find the Best Organic SEO Services by Making Them Compete

PA Search Engine Optimization Search ResultsWhen you use a job search service you’re practicing Inbound Marketing. In this case, you’re offering a solution, an SEO position, for someone looking for a Search Engine Optimization job. The applicant finds you. The information in their resume regarding SEO skills and accomplishments may or may not be true.

There's a better way to find the best SEO Services. Doesn’t it make more sense to do an organic search (one that ignores paid placements) for Search Engine Optimization Services or Consulting? Top SEO Services providers put their skills to the test competing for search position and your attention. That’s what you’re planning to hire them to do for you. Finding them is a great way to determine they know something about SEO. Most don't.

Does it make sense that someone claiming to be an expert in Organic Search Engine Optimization has to resort to PPC to place well in the search results? Concentrate on organic results.

SEO Optimized Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing SEOInbound Marketing SEO involves developing webpages around keywords or key phrases related to a need(s) or a problem(s) that your product or service addresses or solves.

Done properly, people who are already convinced they need your product or service find you and that's 90% of the battle to make the sale. They may not know your product or service or even the type of product or service exists. But they find you anyway. Now all you have to do is convince them that your product or service works.

Studies show Inbound Marketing is 750% more productive than Outbound Marketing which includes
  • direct mail;
  • email campaigns;
  • newspaper ads; and
  • radio ads.
But I think Inbound Marketing is more effective when you consider Social Networking.

People who have a particular need or problem interact and network with people with the same needs or problems. Interaction adds the best sales tool of all... word of mouth either directly or via social networking.

Directly contacting social media outlets related to people with special needs is another important aspect of Inbound Marketing.

There are other advantages to Outbound Marketing.
  • The cost of Inbound Marketing is low cost compared to Outbound Marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing via SEO doesn't expire.
  • Customer relations improve because the potential customer invites you to present your product or service as opposed to being interrupted and or otherwise annoyed.
  • Your presentation can be more professional as opposed to the obnoxious, flamboyant presentations in most outbound marketing as they attempt to draw attention to themselves in a sea of advertisements.
I've been doing Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization for 12 years and I know what I'm doing.

Page Speed is Critical for SEO and User Satisfaction

SEO Content and SpeedSpeed is the newest key component to ranking well in search engines. I target .5 seconds on the first page loaded on my stores. Less than .5 seconds on subsequent page loads.

The average web page loads in 7.5 seconds. SEO studies reveal most visitors will leave a page after no more than 4 seconds. The level of user dissatisfaction increases exponentially with every .5 seconds increase in load time. These studies are dated. I believe the average visitor's dissatisfaction threshold is two seconds.

Compelling content and some degree of interactivity between the user and web page are still crucial. That's because you have 8 seconds at most to engage and motivate your visitor to stay on the page.

User-friendly navigation, interactivity and quality content helps to prolong the visit. The longer the visit the better the chance of accomplishing your goal of a sale or further contact. But great content and interactivity can also make page sizes big and slow.

There's always a trade-off between content and speed. But content-rich interactive web pages can load blindingly fast if you know how to do it.

There's no one magic bullet but rather a combination of tens of considerations that work together. Knowing how to do it comes from countless hours of trial and error and staying on top of new technology.

An Aggressive, User-Oriented Approach to SEO

Revolutionary Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
  • Many SEO providers try to outsmart the algorithms. They focus on keyword density, keyword proximity and other metrics whereby they compare your website to a successful competitor's site.

    There's merit to that. I did and still do it myself working in my stores. When your main focus is on metrics you're more susceptible to changes in the algorithms. And your copy starts to trip all over itself.

    Click the tab "Optimize and Write for People Not Search Engines" where I discuss this subject.

    Search engine algorithms have matured and become very sophisticated. Your ranking depends upon hundreds or perhaps thousands of considerations. Nobody knows what they all are because it's a closely guarded secret.

    The goal of the algorithm is to find unique, meaningful content presented in an organized way that a human would present it. So that's what I target.
  • I differ from most SEO consultants. I immediately compete for the premium keyword or key phrases that generate the most traffic. SEO providers will use keyword analysis tools to...
    • find keywords and key phrases people are using to find your product or service; and
    • measure the competition for the word or phrase.
    Most SEO providers concentrate on keywords and key phrases with less competition because they can show results and quickly provide some improved traffic. That's OK. But you should at least try for the highest volume keywords and key phrases. Quickly ranking well for highly competitive keywords and key phrases happen surprisingly often when
    • you know what you're doing;
    • competitions' websites are not well optimized and/or have little or poor content; and
    • you have an established website.
    If you don't try you'll never earn it.
  • I support and endorse Inbound Marketing SEO instead of Outbound Marketing.
  • I do everything possible to make the site as perfect as I possibly can.
    "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."
    Vince Lombardi
    Some things are more important than others. But I go after them all because you never know if shaving one more millisecond off the load time might bump you up a position.

Mobile-Friendly Websites are Crucial for SEO

Responsive Design Illustration"Mobile Friendly" is an extremely important factor in determining your search engine position on both desktop and mobile devices. It's no longer an option.

Responsive websites are those that resize images and rearrange content to appear organized on both desktop and mobile devices.

A responsive, mobile-friendly design is critical because in most cases 50% or more of your traffic comes from mobile devices. There are two approaches to responsive websites.
  1. Dual Desktop and Mobile Optimized Pages - You can usually do a more thorough and creative presentation on a desktop computer. You have a bigger canvas. Content-rich pages load faster because you typically have a faster connection. Design a second page for smaller devices where download speed is a bigger consideration. Code redirects users to the page that best suits their device and connection speed.
    It's usually the best but the most expensive approach because you have to maintain and coordinate the information on two pages instead of one. Depending on what your website's purpose or goal you may not need a more comprehensive desktop presentation. Correctly coding pages eliminates duplicate content penalties.
    I'm personally avoiding this approach because:
    • maintaining two pages and keeping them perfectly in sync is too difficult and time-consuming; and
    • sophisticated techniques can use the same assets to produce a well-designed desktop and mobile experience.
  2. Responsive Pages - Design one page that will work for all devices. That's the approach used on this website and the approach I recommend. One single responsive page is less expensive but may sacrifice content and features that might otherwise display on a desktop version only. Most businesses use this approach because of cost considerations. Beware of responsive designs that float icons over the copy as the screen becomes smaller. It looks "cool" but obscures the content which isn't cool at all. It detracts from the website's usability.

    Try it yourself...

    On a Mobile Phone: simply rotate the phone from portrait to landscape mode and watch the images resize and the layout adjust to accommodate the new screen size.

    Restore Down ButtonOn a Windows Desktop: left click the Restore Down button at the top right corner of your browser. Adjust the width by dragging the right edge of the window and watch the images and the layout resize and or reposition to accommodate the window size.

SEO Optimized Content Crafted for People, Not Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )  for PeopleSuccessful businesses always focus on customer satisfaction. Your website design must focus on user satisfaction.

Many SEO service providers have a gimmick(s) that they say will fool Google's or Bing's algorithm. Gimmicks might work for awhile.

Algorithms modern search engines use are ultra-sophisticated and influenced by literally hundreds of factors. Gimmicks designed to earn search position come and go. You may be on page one today and on page 30 tomorrow. These gimmicks often make your page copy feel unnatural and annoying to the reader.

The goal is not to just generate traffic. It's to generate sales or leads. The best way to turn traffic into revenues and profit is to present quality web copy defined in human terms.

Critically important factors influencing your search position are not gimmicks. They're common sense in both human terms and algorithmic terms not as susceptible to changes in search engine algorithms.

Here's a freebie. Read your web copy out loud. If it doesn't sound natural and flowing, you're writing for search engines. Google especially doesn't like that. More importantly... people don't like that.

SEO is a Business Process, Not a Project

Search Engine Optimization is a process... not a project. The closest SEO comes to resembling a project may be in the initial weeks. But there will be times when you may have to or want to, do some additional work to existing pages to
  • respond to a competitor's improved ranking;
  • respond to changes in search engine algorithms that have affected your position (although this problem drastically decreases if you use the techniques I recommend);
  • discover an opportunity to include another keyword or key phrases in an existing page; or
  • add to the content or usability of a page which affects search engine rank.
You should always regularly strive to refine and add meaningful content. That's because Google, and other search engines, don't like moribund sites.
Make sure it's topical, useful and well-optimized. Never add content for content's sake. Non-topical content can hurt your search engine ranking.
Unlike other business processes, don't consider Search Engine Optimization to be overhead or something you have to do. SEO adds profits. Dollars spent on professional, expert Search Engine Optimization are a great investment because they generate revenues over the life of your business.

Your Current SEO Services Provider

The workflow in most higher end SEO companies revolves around adding content. Most times they source "stock" content on a particular subject. If you're lucky, they change it up a little bit, so it doesn't trigger plagiarism flags. SEO specialists then review copy to embed targeted keywords or key phrases. Now they're done.

Take time to actually read the pages and posts added to your website. Then ask yourself these questions

  • What potential need does this page or post actually target? In the broadest sense, the subject may be topical. But is it about something somebody not already an expert on the broader topic would be searching for or interested in reading? Is it a subject that normal people would even recognize as being something they want or need if it shows up in your recent blog posts? Most times the answers to these questions are no.
  • Is the content written using words your potential audience understands? Many times the stock material is written by experts in a particular subject. But they use words that are meaningless to the person seeking the information. They don't understand what they're reading, and they leave.
  • How is the overall readability? Is it scannable? Is it primarily written in active vs. passive voice? If it's not people leave.
  • How clumsily have the keywords and key phrases been incorporated into the content? Read the content out loud. Does it sound like a normal human would talk? So often it trips all over itself. Maybe it's more so for me because I work with SEO. But pages like this insult the reader's intelligence and they quickly click away.
  • How often do visitors, assuming there have been visitors, leave a comment? Have any visitors, other than your SEO provider, ever left a comment on your posts? It's amazing how often the answer is no.

Are We Adding Content That's Both Topical and Useful?

Everyone involved with SEO knows or should know, well-written targeted content is critical. Here's why so many SEO services create non-targeted, poorly-written content.

Most often SEO clients are won by being the lowest bidder and not being the best at SEO. There's pressure to increase productivity and keep costs low. Pressure to produce is fine until too much pressure affects quality.

Time is money. It takes time to

  • find content that people actually need and search for;
  • make content readable and scannable; and
  • smoothly and naturally embed keywords and key phrases into the copy.

The ability to create good content comes with lots of experience. Experience is expensive.

So now you know the warning signs of substandard SEO and Internet marketing. Although not excusable, you know why it happens. So if you find any of the above to be true, here's a final question to ask yourself...

Why do I have to point out SEO shortcomings to my SEO services provider? I'll help you answer that one. You shouldn't. That's what you're paying them to do.

Contact SEO-PA.COM online or call me at 610-334-7463. I'm a proven independent SEO Services provider and consultant. I have very little overhead, so I can afford to devote as much time as required to do the job right. I never sacrifice quality to meet the bottom line. I have the experience to know how and what it means to do the job right.

WordPress is an amazing tool, and there's no quicker way to get a website up and running. All the same planning considerations regarding SEO, usability, and speed apply to WordPress sites.

A well-optimized coded page will almost always outrank a well-optimized WordPress page. That's because a professional SEO expert has more control over the fine detail of the code.

If it makes good business sense to stick with WordPress, I'll optimize both its performance, search engine position, and productivity

Why WordPress is Perfect for Many Businesses.

  • WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It uses PHP to store pages and content in a MySQL database. The hosting server contains everything.
  • The server can't instantly download pages. The server must first build the pages.
  • It's non-technical, and anyone can quickly build a website by choosing a theme. You can make changes to those basic themes using CSS.
  • You can download plug-ins to add capabilities.
  • If you are very technical and understand PHP coding you can make further changes.
  • Users can add content without paying someone to do it.
  • Plugins make SEO easier. SEO effectiveness depends upon knowing what to enter into the plugins. Note: Search Engine Optimization involves far more than plugins address.
  • Lower cost. In fact most of it is free.

Why I Support But Do Not Personally Use WordPress

  • WordPress websites competing nationally for highly competitive products or services do not usually rank well or least at the top of the first page. Try it yourself. If you're a medium to large company consider the primary keywords or key phrases you think your potential customers are using. Note the search results. Now go to to find out if the top ranking sites are WordPress websites. In my experience, they're not. (Note: If your competitors do place well using WordPress they have a bullseye on them if you want to outrank them.)
  • WordPress is slow. A fast website is critical to your Google ranking and user satisfaction. So being slow is an automatic disqualifier for my businesses. Many Search Engine Optimization websites written using WordPress take 8 or 9 seconds to load! Your target is .5 seconds. It's slow because there are tens or hundreds of files are being loaded and processed. Server-side tools that are available to compress and cache files are not available for WordPress. If you have a small, simple website, it may be fast enough. There are also so new WordPress hosting options can significantly improve performance.
  • You do not have total control of the code. I've found that changing small details on a webpage can significantly impact search position. You want to be able to make code adjustments and sometimes reverse those adjustments quickly. Otherwise, it's like going into a professional prize fight with one arm tied behind your back.
  • WordPress websites can experience significant downtime because plug-ins are not always compatible with a new release of core WordPress. You cannot control when your hosting company installs a WordPress update. There are steps you can take to minimize this risk.
  • WordPress files are more susceptible to being hacked. Website Security is a major consideration regardless of how you built your website.
  • WordPress can behave erratically on secure websites. Some days everything works. Other days the website has problems with desktop applications, mobile applications or both. Many leading hosting services will not contract to apply SSL certificates on WordPress sites for this reason. But Google considers having an SSL certificate important for both security and ranking purposes for any site containing forms.

Common Myths About Coding

  • Coding using an HTML editor requires coding every line on every page from scratch. Theoretically yes if you're an inexperienced web developer that never developed a website before. In practice the answer is an emphatic no. I use Dreamweaver although I do not rely on any automatic code generation. It has a feature called "Assets". Assets are collections of reusable code you create that accomplish a specific task or collections of tasks just like a WordPress plug-in. But unlike a WordPress plug-in
    • I create the initial asset so I control the code so it can easily adapt the Asset.
    • The Asset is part of the page code itself, so the page is faster because the server doesn't have to build the page.
    • Pages are not all built from scratch or maintained individually. That's because Assets are reusable and embedded in pages across websites.
    Make a change to the Asset, and it updates all the pages in which you have embedded it.
  • Coding requires editing every page which is tedious, error-prone and nearly impossible on large websites. I disagree. See the prior bullet regarding Assets.
  • Editing repetitive content is tedious and prone to error. I disagree. See the prior bullet regarding Assets.
  • Creating pages that organize pages in different ways is more tedious or impossible. More tedious? Yes. Impossible? No. I copy pages I want to reuse and use search and replace to adapt them. Reorganizing Pages in WordPress can be more difficult and less flexible.
  • Coded sites lack dynamic content, navigation, and structure. I disagree. If you know what you're doing, you can do just about anything when you code a page as you can do in WordPress and the coded page will do it faster. Some features in WordPress make it incredibly easy to insert multimedia. But with a coded website you have more options and the ability to tweak the presentation. Note: Just as SEO specialists tend to write content for search engines and not people, many web developers tend to write websites to impress other web developers. SEO is not their first consideration. There's a place for animation. But avoid excessive animation that can adversely affect usability by distracting the user from focusing on key points and making page file sizes big and slow-loading.
  • You can't update the content without going through the web developer (which in my case is also the SEO consultant). True. But if the content is worth posting in the first place, it's worth optimizing.

Deciding Between Coding and WordPress Is a Business Decision

Don't base your decision on cost alone. Base your decision on profits and goals.
  • If search position is important for growing your business or is directly responsible for generating or potentially generating significant revenues, I recommend and personally go with coded static pages. You might get away with WordPress in the short run if it's a completely new product or service and you're the only show in town for related keywords or key phrases. But if it's a great product or service, it won't be long until the heavy hitters join the fray and then you'll need the best possible optimized site to hold your position.
  • If site uptime is a critical issue you may want to avoid WordPress. But again, a lot depends upon who hosts your website, how it's protected from being hacked, and having a readily available backup.

Web Usability is the Keystone of Productive Websites

The first requirement for any student of digital marketing or web design should be to read "Web Usability" by Jakob Nielsen who is perhaps the world’s foremost expert in UX (User Experience) as it relates to web design. The typical so-called “Modern Website” violates many and even the most fundamental concepts. Visit, read some of their articles. Compare their findings and recommendations to your website, your current SEO provider's website, or web developer's website.
Hundreds of things affect web usability. The usability issue I find most mind-numbing is the overuse or use at all of sliders. (Do an Internet search for "sliders reduce conversions", and be sure you're sitting down.)

Sliders most often take up most or all or the area "above the fold." Visitors see this area when the page loads without requiring clicking or scrolling. That's bad because studies show you have 8 seconds or less to engage and persuade the visitor to stay on your site. You want to use the area above the fold to present as much useful information in a format that is easy to read and scannable. The site visitor should not have to wait for something of interest to appear because they may leave before it appears at all. Exciting content shouldn't quickly disappear or disappear at all. Avoid all unnecessary animation that

  • wastes some of your precious 8 seconds;
  • reduces scanability;
  • distracts visitors from focusing on important content; and
  • increases the page file sizes making pages load slower.

There's a time and a place for sliders, even full-page sliders, depending on your audience. If you're promoting a rock concert or a college, OK maybe. If you're selling farm equipment, it's not OK. I think they're overused and there are alternatives for presenting compelling content without resorting to sliders.
You might be thinking that, if this is true, why are sliders so widely used? Reasons include
  • No training or knowledge of web usability.
  • Entertainment quotient takes precedent of usability and conversion.
  • Using the Wow factor to impress clients who understandably are not knowledgeable about web usability.
  • Quick delivery of one size fits all low cost websites.
  • It's more fun to design sites with animation.
  • Expectations - you can make an argument for this one. Typical website appearance and functionality becomes familiar. Landing on a website that looks or feels different may make visitors uncomfortable and leave. Yes and no. Not using sliders does not make the site harder to use. It becomes much easier to use because ideas and navigation to those ideas are obvious and instantly available. If animations make sense for your website, I have ways to make them load faster.
I'm located in Pennsylvania but provide National Search Engine Optimization Services to companies throughout the United States.
Pennsylvania Sections:
  • Website Review
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • New Websites

Professional Website Reviews Include More Than Traditional SEO

SEO ComponentsThe website review is a first step to getting a handle on where you're currently at and what it would take to improve. It's important to understand upfront that Search Engine Optimization and placing well in search results involves a lot more than keywords and key phrases. Modern algorithms are sophisticated. The same considerations that drive Search Engine Position also impact revenue generated by your website. They include

  • Site Architecture;
  • Usability;
  • Content;
  • Responsive Design; and
  • Page Speed

Some SEO businesses offer to give you a free website review. I don't. My professional time is valuable and I charge for it. If you're dissatisfied with the review you don't have to pay. I give you my professional opinion and we can then discuss, as experienced businessmen, the best way to proceed or to proceed at all.

Facts About Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of designing a new website. When I talk about SEO here, I'm talking about improving the search position and productivity of an existing website. Optimizing your current website is like remodeling a house vs. building a new one from scratch. Here are some things to consider.
  • Given the same level of SEO and Internet Marketing expertise, a website built from scratch will always, or almost always, outperform an optimized existing website.
  • An existing website will always require at least some coding and content changes. Website modifications can present some problems because:
    • Businesses who have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their existing websites are reluctant to hear about changes.
    • People currently responsible for websites have put their hearts and souls into their development. Developers often treat them as children and are loath to make any changes. Happily, there are some ways to improve your search position without drastically changing the existing website. But you won't be obtaining the optimum results.
    • 80% of SEO projects involving existing websites fail because of politics
All the steps listed under New Websites apply to Search Engine Optimization but with the additional of Topical Analysis which a part of considering the effectiveness of the existing web copy and web content.

Search Engine Optimization Begins Before the First Line of Code is Written

The best time to optimize a website is before a single line of code is written. Too often businesses choose a design without considering the needs of the customer or the resulting response time of the website. The steps below are interactive, and each considered simultaneously while developing a website or webpage. Optimizing and tuning websites and web pages require revisiting tasks.

Business and Competitive Analysis

  • What does the business do?
  • What is the goal(s) of the website?
  • Who are our customers? Inbound Marketing questions include...
    • What are their needs that our products or services fulfill?
    • What problems do our Products or services solve?

Keyword/Keyphrase Research

  • What words customers are most likely to use to find our product or service?
  • What words our customers are most likely to use to describe their problem or needs for which our product or service offers a solution?
  • Over time we will build content around keywords that are less often or likely used.

Site Architecture

How do we structure the website incorporating web usability to enable the customer to quickly find what they're looking for in three clicks or less.

Internal Linking Strategy

An intelligent internal linking approach serves two purposes and goes hand in hand with site architecture.
  1. First and most importantly, site visitors quickly and easily find answers to their questions and needs. Imagine going to the Mall of America and having no kiosk or online directories to tell you where the stores are. Now picture that same scenario but with your eyes closed. That's what it's like to use a website with poor navigation. Visitors get lost and quickly leave your site.
  2. Google and most other major search engines love logical linking, and it's important for SEO.
There's a lot more involved with internal linking, but that's it in a nutshell.

Web Copy / Web Content

Writing web copy and web content are completely different from writing for any other media and is an art developed over time. You want to use keywords and key phrases in your copy and content. But above all, the copy has to sound "natural" and not trip all over itself. That's what happens when you write for search engines instead of people.

rel=canonical configuration

This topic is a little for this page but suffice it to say it involves avoiding problems with duplicate content, an SEO "No No."

Semantic Markup ( markup essentially tells Google and other search engines how to interpret the information contained on your page. Before semantic markup, the search engines would essentially have to guess.

Page Speed Optimization

This involves optimizing your images, combining and compressing code and making changes on your host server.

Build and Submit XML Sitemap

A sitemap is essentially a list of all the pages on your website. The sitemap is then uploaded to the search engines to help them find and crawl your pages. It does not guarantee they will include your pages in their search results.

Manual Page Submission to Search Engines

Generally Google and the other major search engines will crawl the content of your sitemap within 30 days. You can adjust the days to revisit the page in the sitemap. But we can discuss why that's not always the best idea. But you can manually request that Google crawl specific pages immediately.

Analyze, Tweak and Add More Content

Revisit any one or all of the prior steps. SEO is a process, not a project. Continue to add useful, topical content. And don't be afraid to add a lot of content as fast as you can. A competing SEO provider I respect warns against adding content too fast. Put yourself in Google's shoes. Detecting a site adding lots of well-written, useful and original content shows initiative and hard work. Surges in the number of inbound links appear unnatural, and Google may penalize you. Your budget or time may limit the amount of new content you can produce. But make every effort to add some content at least monthly.


Verify your position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and take necessary corrective action.

Link Building

You may wonder why I show Link Building before analyzing and tweak. That's because great content generates legitimate, high-quality links.

National Search Engine Optimization is Local SEO on Steroids

My proven National SEO Services will expose your products or services across the United States and Canada...National Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
I can show you how to rank nationally because I am first and foremost a National Search Engine Optimization Consultant. I became a national SEO expert optimizing pages for my successful online stores. I successfully compete nationally with and often outrank the Internet giants for highly competitive keywords and key phrases and I can prove it. Developing a National SEO Strategy involves the same principals as local SEO but on a much larger scale. You need someone to show you what to do, or you will spend a boatload of time and money and have very little to show for it.
Professional SEO Services
When you shop for SEO Services, keep in mind that SEO Experts have a wide range of capabilities and expertise with commensurate rates. Choosing based upon cost alone could be one of the most expensive decisions you ever made.
Bargain SEO Services

No Contracts

This minimizes your risk and proves that I'm 100% confident of your satisfaction with the quality of my work.


I'm totally negotiable and creative with my fees to make the highest quality SEO services affordable. Rates are generally from $75 /hr. to $300 /hr. depending upon the expected length of the engagement. Total cost depends upon what you want me to do and what talent you have in house. There is no "one size fits all" with anything related to SEO because each website is so unique.


Establishing a monthly retainer fee has two major advantages.
  1. You know the exact cost of your Search Engine Optimization and spreads the expense evenly over time. There are no spikes and no surprises. You still receive a full monthly accounting of all SEO hours spent on your behalf and why.
  2. I take responsibility for your Search Engine Optimization and your business's success personally and very seriously and will do whatever I ethically have to do and spend whatever time required to succeed. So you're going to get a lot of SEO bang for your buck especially early on. Note that when you truly understand Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing, there's always more than enough to do. There's more than you can do. You're never totally "done."
I like a retainer because
  1. I know what my revenues are going to be.
  2. More importantly, I can be more effective because I don't have to worry about "running up the bill." If I see an opportunity that's going to take some time can take advantage of it.


I guarantee my work. If you're not satisfied, you don't pay. My overall experience with consultants in the past has been disappointing. That's because I expected them to know what they're doing, hit the ground running and deliver results. I guarantee my work because I do know what I'm doing, I do hit the ground running and 100% confident I can deliver results.

Type of Engagements

  • Website Review - I review your website and provide a list of recommendations and the order of implementation. You get an idea of the cost. There's no fixed amount for this service because every site is different and I do a thorough, detailed job.
  • SEO Management - recommendations including technical advice to existing staff. This approach is initially slow because you have to depend on other people, their learning curve and willingness to learn and change. This situation can be very political because the relationship between webmasters and their sites is almost like a parent-child relationship. They generally don't like other people touching it or telling them what to do. I understand because I'm the same way with my websites.
  • I can do the entire project... subject to your approval of course. I have the necessary skills to do all phases of SEO including coding, images, videos completing tasks immediately as required.
  • I can develop the site, host it and perform continuous search engine optimization it in return for a commission on sales generated through the website.

SEO Services Anywhere in the U.S.

Will I have to modify my existing website?

Yes. You will have to change a few things and sometimes prepared to make extensive changes. That's part of the process of Search Engine Optimization. The best time to begin Search Engine Optimization is long before the first page is coded.

Can you guarantee a top position in Google Search?

No. No one can. I can guarantee significant improvement. I can guarantee visitors will spend more time on your website and higher conversions or leads. But there are uncontrollable factors that influence placement.

Why don't you use PPC to market your SEO Services?

I'm claiming to be an Organic Search Engine Optimization Expert. What message does it send if I have to use PPC for you to find me?

How long does it take to see an improvement in the search results?

It depends. The standard answer is weeks or months. Without making any false promises, I think you'll see some improvement almost immediately if you follow what I tell you to do. That's because you can manually request a page(s) be in indexed instead of waiting up to 30 days for indexing to occur automatically. Google SERPs reflect the impact of changes far faster than in the past.

Did you ever make a change that adversely affected search position?

Oh yea. In the short run, absolutely! But that's part of the challenge and frustration of SEO. There's always an element of risk when you make a change although here's a lot less risk when you know what you're doing. That's why you always have multiple backups that span several days so you can restore things in a hurry if, or when, something goes wrong. Some SEO providers stop trying to improve your position because of the risk. But the reward of moving up in search results is exponential, not linear. That's especially true if the search position bump up puts you "above the fold" so no scrolling is required.

Are you saying that organic search is all I need to worry about?

No. I'm telling you to put most of your effort into improving organic search results by making the website...
  • more valuable to users;
  • easier to use;
  • and adding high-quality, relevant and useful content.
Other SEO areas like social media and link building will naturally benefit as well.

Do you support blogs?

Like all things SEO, the value of a blog depends on the product or service. There is tremendous value in exploiting other high-volume established blogs using low-cost, quick and proven Inbound Marketing strategies.

I've seen some websites that I consider to be horrible... break every rule you taught me... and still rank at the top of search results. How do you explain that?"

I can't... and welcome to Search Engine Optimization. I have seen websites listed as "Coming Soon" show up at the top of search results... for a short while anyway. Other websites violate all the rules and show up in the top ranks. My advice is to ignore these sites because your customers will.

Most bad pages will disappear over time. But I have seen some that don't. Some quite knowledgeable people think that some websites get a little "manual help" to achieve their position. It is what it is. Don't let these exceptions distract you. And don't let these isolated cases make you believe that Search Engine Optimization is a waste of time because it isn't.

I've seen SEO services offered for as low as $99 to optimize my website while others can charge thousands of dollars. Why is there such a large difference in cost?

Cheap Search Engine Optimization Services are the most expensive Search Engine Optimization Services you can buy. Here's why.
The process of researching key phrases, keywords that both generate traffic and sales, can take several hours alone... tens of hours for a large website... and that's just the first step. What quality of work would you expect for $9 an hour assuming that they do any work? Some SEO Service Companies outsource to a country where workers earn a few dollars an hour. Even assuming those people have advanced degrees, the probability of getting meaningful results is very low. That's because you must know the language intimately to perform Search Engine Optimization. Knowing the language does not mean studied it in school. You have to know the words people use when they speak to one another. You know you don't get that from a book. Remember the conversation you had the last time you needed tech support for your computer?
Another consideration is this. If you really can do Search Engine Optimization and do know how to market on the Internet, which can be worth millions, why would you be doing it for someone else? Why would you do it for $9 an hour? In my case, why would you do it at a professional rate? I asked myself this question, and the answer is that I would be crazy not to build my businesses. So I did. The reason that I still do Search Engine Optimization at all is to help finance the growth of my stores and that I love doing it.
Lastly, Search Engine Optimization is just one piece of the puzzle. Once customers arrive on your website, you have to convey your message quickly. You have to write copy that ethically convinces them to buy your product or service.

Should I be looking for a Search Engine Optimization firm that specializes in my industry?

Yes and no. If your Internet market is local or even regional the answer may be yes. They should know about high-quality keywords and key phrases and should understand the market. But if your market is national or international, and the SEO Company has competing clients, there's an automatic conflict of interest.
You're paying someone who is working for and against you. What if they try something new with your website and you achieve top position in Google? Do they not incorporate that same tweak in other clients' websites who are also paying them to win that same top position? Conversely, what if it's your competitor that received that tweak and they have the top position. How are you going to feel about writing that next check to your SEO provider if your SEO doesn't deploy that tweak on your website?
No matter what they do, it's a guaranteed conflict of interest. It's an important question to ask any Search Engine Optimization firm before you hire them. I will not take on competing clients because there's no ethical way to do it.

The .com boom is over. Is it worth investing a lot in marketing on the Internet?

There is incredible opportunity marketing on the Internet. The only difference now than in the so-called .com boom is that now you have to earn it. No other medium offers the opportunity to target your product or service to people specifically looking for that product or service. No other advertising medium is as cost effective.

Do you support Pay Per Click advertising?

I concentrate on organic search optimization where you earn the right to appear at the top of the search engine results, and it's free (to me anyway because I learned SEO). With PPC, those clicks add up in a hurry, and I felt like I was working for them. I didn't see a commensurate increase in profits. It must work to some degree because all the "big guys" seem to do it.

If you're good at SEO, why not just start your own online business?

You would! I did! I still do! When you offer a service, you're paid once, usually very well, for your effort. When you expend those same efforts for your enterprise and are successful, you're paid multiple times. You're paid a lot less per transaction, but forever. There is always maintenance and tweaking. But it's a no-brainer. I offer SEO services as a means to raise working capital for my successful online businesses. Just as you are very careful about who you hire, I'm equally as careful about who I work for and with. That's because I treat my clients as partners and their businesses the same as if they were mine.

What about Link-Building?

I take the "Field of Dreams" approach to Link Building. If you put valuable content on your site, the links will take care of themselves. That's how Google intended the process would work from the beginning. I put my money and time into content and performance. Once I have a great site up and running, you can usually get a link from main suppliers and related sites because it's legitimately benefiting them and their site's visitors associating themselves with your website.
  • Non-Compete
  • Billing
  • Privacy
  • I sign a non-compete agreement designating that I will not sell any products or services sold on my client's site.
  • I sign an agreement stating that I will not accept competing clients. Some web marketing consultants boast that they are experts in a particular industry and that's a good thing if it's local SEO they're not representing competing companies in the same locality. But what if it's National SEO? Think about it. You would be getting paid by two or more people to accomplish the same goal. How do you ethically reconcile it if you're more successful with one client than another? In my mind, you can't because you violate you fiduciary obligation with the more successful client if you share the tactic and violate your fiduciary obligation to other clients if you don't share it.
  • I ask my clients to sign a non-compete agreement that they will not sell any product or service sold in my stores.
  • I bill once a month with payment due upon receipt. I accept cash, all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • I provide a detailed explanation work performed by date.
  • No Risk Full Cash Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • I will sign whatever non-disclosure or non-compete agreements as required.
  • Payment can be made by Check or Money Order for anyone not wanting to use their credit card under any circumstances over the Internet.
  • I will not constantly badger you with annoying junk emails.
  • Working With Me
  • When I Was in Your Shoes
  • Unique Qualifications
Search Engine Optimization of PA offers guidance to any size company dedicated to growing their revenue and bottom line via smart Internet marketing. Although I'm in Pennsylvania, I support clients all nationwide. You will benefit from my extensive experience in running a business in addition to extensive knowledge about Internet marketing.

You will soon discover that I consider my relationship with my customers a partnership... not a consulting arrangement. Just as you closely consider the qualifications of SEO services and Internet marketing consultants I evaluate the probability that I will be successful in growing your business. That's because 80% of all attempts to improve Internet marketing, and particularly implementing Search Engine Optimization, fail. There are plenty of SEO consultants who will be happy to take your money regardless of the probability of success. I'm not one of them. I want you to succeed, and I want to succeed.

You will benefit from my experience because I run Internet businesses. You've got to have extensive, hands-on, real-world experience before you can teach someone else to do anything. And in my experience hiring consultants, there's a world of difference between those who have done the work in a work environment versus those who have read or talk about it.

There are many unethical SEO consultants. These consultants use tactics that may show success in the short run. However, those tactics may ultimately get your website delisted. Tricks don't work in the long-run. I use only ethical tactics because you don't have to use tricks if you know what you're doing. If you are an ethical, open-minded organization offering high-quality products or services I look forward to helping you grow your business.
Thomas Edison said he discovered 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb before he was successful. I did the same thing but with SEO. Let me help you avoid most of the 1,000 ways not to do SEO. Here's how.

When I started my online stores, I did not use an SEO consultant for two reasons.
  1. There were none; and
  2. I couldn't have afforded it even if there were.
So I decided to do it myself. You learn to be effective at marketing online by actually doing it.

I read all the books that were available at the time and continue to stay on top of the most recent trends. I used many tools to analyze and compare metrics like keyword density, keyword proximity, and a bunch of others. But one thing I can tell you is that while these things help, Search Engine Optimization is as much an art as it is a science.

I found that focusing on metrics led to web copy that was uncomfortable to read, especially when reading out loud. There's that little voice in your head telling you "something is wrong here". And it is! Because you're writing to try to please an algorithm, not people. You'll also find that pages optimized based on metrics are the most vulnerable to a change in search engine algorithms.

I combine my knowledge of web usability, graphics design, web copywriting, Search Engine Optimization and web acceleration to help you design extremely fast, user-friendly websites that generate both traffic and sales. My approach is somewhat different than most SEO Services because my emphasis is on enhancing the value of the website in the eyes of the customer by providing valuable information in an organized, easy to navigate format.
I have spent most of my career running businesses. I realize that the goal is to make a profit and that requires making every penny count. I can get things done quickly because my overall skill set enables me to do just about anything I need to do as the need arises.
  • 10 Years Experience Owning and Running Currently Active Successful Internet Stores
  • 15 Years Owning and Running Currently Active Computer Consulting and Software Design Business
  • Senior Management Positions Including CIO, CFO and Director of Budgets and Forecasting
  • MBA Finance Saint Joseph's University
  • BS in Accounting Pennsylvania State University
  • Veteran of United States Army Security Agency
Skills necessary in website development and SEO:
  • Dreamweaver
  • WordPress
  • Yost SEO
  • WAMPServer
  • HTML
  • jquery
  • Photoshop
  • Writing Web Copy
  • YouTube Production Skills
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Rich Cards
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Schema
  • Server Side Caching and Compression on Linux Servers
  • Proper Use of Canonical Coding
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