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Affordable Search Engine Optimization is not the lowest bid. It's a business decision based on ROI. You will find SEO services ranging from less than $200 to optimize you entire website to Search Engine Optimization Services costing six figures or more in places like New York. Of course there are scope considerations. But I urge you to use common sense. Who do you want to trust your Internet market share and corporate growth to? As I tell you throughout this website, Search Engine Optimization is a subset of Internet Marketing. To effectively market on the Internet and create web pages that actually sell you need to understand and have experience with:Search Engine Optimizaton Components
  • Web Usability
  • Web Content
  • Website Acceleration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Building (Coding) Websites
Anyone who has these skills is not working for minimum wage simply because the knowledge is worth thousands or millions of dollars to the bottom line.
It's a terrible idea. Here's why...
Much of the success in Search Engine Optimization involves keyword research.

Keyword research requires an intimate knowledge of the language used on the website including figures of speech and local colloquialisms. Even if I spoke fluent Spanish I could not do an adequate job of generating web traffic in Spain simply because I don't know the nuances of actually speaking the language.

I can do a better job for you because...
  • I do speak English and knowledgeable regarding copy for the web which is completely different from other forms of written communication.
  • I understand your costs, profitability, and ROI because I have a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance... I've held management positions in these areas and successfully own and run online businesses.
  • I can effectively communicate with your Systems people because I have a successful Computer Software and Business Consulting business and I do all my own coding for my online stores.
  • I can help you come up with a strategy that makes sense for your company because I have worked as a Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Budgeting for large companies. I understand that just as Search Engine Optimization is a subset of Internet marketing, Internet marketing is a subset of the overall organization.

I take on a limited number of clients to help fund the working capital I need to grow my businesses. If you're interested in partnering with someone to provide Search Engine Optimization Services who totally understands where you're coming from and what you're trying to achieve, please contact me.
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  • Billing
  • Privacy
  • I sign a non-compete agreement designating that I will not sell any products or services sold on my client's site.
  • I sign an agreement stating that I will not accept competing clients. Some web marketing consultants boast that they are experts in a particular industry and that's a good thing if it's local SEO they're not representing competing companies in the same locality. But what if it's National SEO? Think about it. You would be getting paid by two or more people to accomplish the same goal. How do you ethically reconcile it if you're more successful with one client than another? In my mind, you can't because you violate you fiduciary obligation with the more successful client if you share the tactic and violate your fiduciary obligation to other clients if you don't share it.
  • I ask my clients to sign a non-compete agreement that they will not sell any product or service sold in my stores.
  • I bill once a month with payment due upon receipt. I accept cash, all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • I provide a detailed explanation work performed by date.
  • No Risk Full Cash Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • I will sign whatever non-disclosure or non-compete agreements required.
  • Payment can be made by Check or Money Order for anyone not wanting to use their credit card under any circumstances over the Internet.
  • I will not constantly badger you with annoying junk emails.
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