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Inbound Marketing SEOI support and endorse Inbound Marketing through Search Engine Optimization. The potential customer finds your product or service via an Internet search looking for the answer to a question, solution to a problem or to satisfy a need. Studies show that Inbound Marketing is 750% more productive than Outbound Marketing. I've been using this approach for 12 years before it even had a name and it is amazing and just common sense. For example, one of my favorite products is OOFOS Sandals. One primary benefit is that they relieve pain from plantar fasciitis. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of people likely to be surfing the Internet looking for a way to relieve their pain who are not be in the market for sandals and never heard of OOFOS. However, when they find OOFOS they're going to read the content of the web page because instead of violating their space and usurping their time you're accommodating their needs and desire for information.
So I recommend investing your time and money in search engine optimized (you want people to find it) Inbound Marketing. It's contained on a web page so it's not a once and done deal, nothing expires, and has a positive impact on your position in the search results, profits and customer satisfaction. The keys to successful Inbound Marketing include:
  • a comprehensive, detailed knowledge of the product or service; a thorough knowledge of all aspects of successful Search Engine Optimization; and
  • leveraging social networking through your employees. has an Inbound Marketing course that's well worth the time. I would offer one word of advice... authenticity. Authenticity is important in every aspect of your business including Inbound Marketing.
Example of Inbound Marketing
People are busy and saturated with direct inbound marketing. It's hard to get their attention no matter how good the products or services your offering.
I do not support Outbound Marketing. Here's why...

Advertisers place ads where there's a lot of traffic sometimes repeatedly presenting it hoping people notice them.Outbound Marketing includes...

  • direct (aka junk) mail;
  • TV and radio commercials;
  • email campaigns;
  • newspaper ads; and
  • billboards.
Advertisements are everywhere to the point you don’t even notice them anymore. Ads have become more and more ostentatious and obnoxious trying to get your attention. Ads follow you as you surf the net.

Enough already!

Outbound Marketing has a terrible ROI and can even lead to negative feelings about your business. That’s because It’s the non-physical equivalent of someone annoyingly tugging at your sleeve trying to get your attention while you’re busy or trying to concentrate on something.

With rare exceptions I, and I’ll bet you too, hate being on the receiving end of outbound marketing. Do you activate ad blockers on your browser? Are you willing to pay for otherwise free software or apps to block annoying advertising? “Subscribe to Pandora to avoid the ads.”

People who sell advertising know it's annoying. For example, “Tonight’s movie is commercial-free” is a plus to the viewer because it's more enjoyable. No commercials is good for losing weight because there are fewer trips to the refrigerator. Except for the Super Bowl, no one watches commercials.

It starts out as Inbound Marketing. You search the Internet for a product or service or a need for that product or service. It's Inbound Marketing because I'm asking for the information. I'm happy. How could that possibly go wrong?

Modern marketing technology has the answer. Bombard the potential customer with ads for those products or services. Insert them multiple times in the content of pages found from unrelated searches. And do it for what seems like forever! Now the once happy potential customer won't buy them from that provider in their face everywhere they go.

SEO Non-Compete Policy

Does your SEO Company also represent your competitors? I will not accept SEO clients who compete with your business. Some web SEO Services boast that they're experts in a particular industry. If they do represent more than one competing business, it's a classic conflict of interest. Representing more than one competing SEO client also raises significant privacy issues. Get the agreement in writing.

Full Disclosure Billing

  • bill once a month with payment due upon receipt;
  • accept checks, all major credit cards and PayPal;
  • provide a detailed explanation of work performed by date; and
  • lastly, offer a No Risk Full Cash Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Privacy Policy

  • will sign whatever non-disclosure or non-compete agreements as required.
  • accept payment by Check or Money Order for anyone not wanting to use their credit card under any circumstances over the Internet; and
  • won't constantly badger you with annoying junk emails.
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