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Affordable High-Quality SEO Services
Affordable High-Quality SEO Services
SEO-PA structures fees based upon our clients' success. By doing so, SEO pays for itself.
Affordable, Bargain Low-Quality SEO Services
Affordable Low-Quality SEO Services
Ridiculously low prices translates into ridiculously low quality.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Is Not the Lowest Cost SEO

Common Sense and Affordable SEO Services

Who do you want to entrust with your Internet market share and business growth? As I tell you throughout this website, Search Engine Optimization is a subset of Internet Marketing. It's a business decision based on ROI. You will find SEO services ranging from less than $200 to optimize you entire website to Search Engine Optimization Services costing six figures or more in places like New York. Of course there are scope considerations. However, I urge you to use common sense.
To effectively market on the Internet and create web pages that actually sell, you need to understand and have experience with:
  • Web Usability
  • Web Content
  • Website Acceleration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Building (Coding) Websites
Anyone who has these Internet Marketing skills is not working for minimum wage simply because the knowledge is worth thousands or millions of dollars to the bottom line.

Low-Quality Affordable SEO Harms Your Business

Characteristics of Bad SEO

There are many characteristics of low-quality websites. They're hard to navigate, read, and they're extremely slow. However, one of the most significant indicators of low-quality or inexperienced SEO people is content that trips all over itself in a failed attempt to seamlessly embed targeted keywords and key phrases.

  • Read the content of your web page out loud. Does it sound right? Does it sound like something a normal human being would write?
  • Read the content of your potential SEO Company's website out loud. How comfortable do you feel reading it? Is the content bothersome to read?
That uncomfortable feeling you get directly results from the writer creating content for search engines and not people.
Google's algorithm will usually detect and penalize the website. However, Google doesn't always penalize poorly-written content. Sometimes terrible websites find their way to high rankings. Most times, bad sites rank well because their competitors' sites are worse. However, there are times when well-written sites rank lower than some truly awful websites.

Traffic Alone Is Not Sole Goal of SEO and Internet Marketing

Regardless of why these sites rank well, there are more important considerations.
  • The goal for investing in Search Engine Optimization is not simply traffic. You want sales and leads. If you're not getting new business, the traffic on your website is worthless.
  • If content sounds strained and uncomfortable to you, it is just as annoying to the overwhelming majority of your potential customers. As you already know, when a site visitor becomes uncomfortable in any way, they quickly leave.
  • Furthermore, copy written for search engines insults the reader and sounds unprofessional and stupid. I don't have a statistical study to support this statement. However, I think it's safe to say the majority of people prefer not to buy products and services from unprofessional and stupid businesses.

Capitalize On Competitors' Poorly Written Content Even If It Ranks Well

  • Obviously, you have a fantastic opportunity to replace your competitor at the top of the rankings, and
  • Furthermore, even if it's one of those situations where a terrible website continues to rank well, you have the opportunity to present positive, shocking contrast.
Our primary goal is to have both top positions in the search engines and have exciting content. However, if you're not in first place, your visitor will have first had a bad experience before visiting your website. As previously mentioned on this page, visitors quickly navigate away from the uncomfortable content.
You're the next and you're website is great. It's like your website visitor has been walking for two hours in Death Valley in 110° and then stumbles upon a resort where they offer them a cold iced tea and a cool dip in the pool.
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