How Can I Use SEO to Launch a New Product or Service?

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New Product Launch Using Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

New Product Search Engine Optimization

Intelligent, modern Search Engine Optimization is the key to launching a new product or service. I offer you exclusive venues to expose your product to over a million people and have proven successful in finding people who need your product but don’t yet know it.
Here’s how…
  • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement - Obtain a signed agreement before proceeding with any Search Engine Optimization provider.
  • Convince Me Your Product or Service is the Best or the Best Value - Corny as this may sound it's important to me that I'm telling people the truth. Why is it the best or why is your product the best value.
  • Thorough Understanding of the Product or Service - to be successful your SEO Consultant/Web Developer requires an in depth knowledge of the product and how it benefits the consumer. I gain this knowledge through interviews and independent research.

How I Approach New Product Launches or Any SEO Project

I literally immerse myself in the new product and the web copy naturally flows and incorporates the following:

Business and Competitive Analysis

  • What does the business do?
  • What is the goal(s) of the website?
  • Who are our customers?

Keyword/Key Phrase Research

  • What are the words our customers are most likely to use to find our product or service?
  • What are the words our customers are most likely to use to describe their problem or needs for which our product or service offers a solution?
  • Over time we will build content around keywords that are less likely to be used.

Site Architecture

How do we structure the website to enable the customer to find what they're looking for in no more than two or three clicks.

Internal Linking Strategy

An intelligent internal linking approach serves two purposes and goes hand in hand with site architecture.
  1. First and most importantly it makes it easy for customers to quickly find what they're looking for. Picture going to the Mall of America and having no kiosk or online directories to tell your where the stores are. Now picture that same scenario but with your eyes closed. That's what it's like to use a website with poor navigation. Visitors don't like being lost and quickly leave your site.
  2. Google and most other major search engines love logical linking and it's important for SEO.
There's a lot more involved with internal linking but that's it in a nutshell.

Web Copy / Web Content

Writing web copy and web content is completely different from writing for any other media and is an art developed over time. You obviously want to use keywords and key phrases in your copy and content but above all it has to sound "natural" and not trip all over itself. That's what happens when you write for search engines instead of people.

Semantic Markup ( markup essentially tells Google and other search engines how to interpret the information contained on your page. Before semantic markup the search engines would essentially have to guess.

Page Speed Optimization

This involves optimizing your images, combining and compressing code and making changes on your host server.

Build and Submit XML Sitemap

A sitemap is essentially a list of all the pages on your website that is then uploaded to the search engines to help them find and crawl your pages. It does not guarantee they will include your pages in their search results.

Manually Page Submission to Search Engines

Generally Google and the other major search engines will crawl the content of you sitemap withing 30 days. You can adjust the days to revisit the page in the sitemap. However, we can discuss why that that's not always the best idea. However, you can specifically request that specific pages by crawled immediately.
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