How Do You Choose the Best Search Engine Optimization Company?

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Choosing a SEO Company
You want to grow your business online through a new or existing website. You did some research and determined the key for increasing your online business is something called Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEM, or possibly Search Engine Marketing.

You don't know what those terms mean, let alone how to do it. So, you turn to the Internet and search for those terms, and you're presented with a staggering list of SEO Services Providers.

With so many choices, how do you begin to choose the best SEO Services Company for your business? Choosing the right Search Engine Optimization Firm or Consultant is even more challenging because they're all saying the same thing and most claiming to be the "Top", "#1", or "Premier" SEO Company.

I have 17+ years and thousands of hours of Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization experience running my own online businesses. Please take the time to read this page and take advantage of my SEO experience. Armed with some basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, you'll
  • be able to make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes;
  • discover how to approach Search Engine Optimization; and
  • lastly, how to identify SEO Firms you should avoid.
Search Engine Optimization Considerations
There's a lot more to Search Engine Optimization than just keywords and keyword phrases. If you want to to improve your search engine rank, traffic, revenue, and most cucially, profits, you need a proven, professional SEO Company.

Tips for Choosing the Best Search Engine Optimization Company for Your Business

Affordable SEO vs Effective SEO Services

Professional Berks County SEO Services
When you shop for SEO Services, keep in mind that SEO Experts have a wide range of capabilities and expertise with commensurate rates. Choosing an SEO Company based upon cost alone could be one of the most expensive decisions you ever make.
Bargain Berks County SEO Services

Organic Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Organic Search Engine results are free and primarily based upon the merit of the web page's content. Search Engines place Pay Per Click Links at the top of the search results. Search Engines determine the order PPC Links appear based upon how much you're willing to pay every time someone clicks on the link. PPC advertising can get very expensive in a hurry.
I recommend you focus of Organic Search Engine Optimization. Some SEO Firms might argue that the only way to show up for competitive, high-volume keywords and key phrases is through PPC, at least for months or years. Sometimes that's true. But in many cases, rapidly showing up in the Organic Search results is possible with competent SEO.

How Do You Find an Organic Search Engine Optimization Expert?

The best starting point to find the best Organic Search Engine Optimization Service Companies or Consultants is to examine where they appear in the Organic Search Results. I'm always stunned when SEO Firms claiming to be Organic Search Optimization Experts rely on PPC.

However, this is just the starting point. Later on, I'll show you some tests you can perform to determine the potential of a website to produce revenue.

Ask the SEO Company to give examples of clients placing at the top of the search results in highly competitive businesses in their service area for highly competitive keywords or keyword phrases. An example of a very competitive market is an attorney's office.

If there are only five competitors in another business type in a given service area, placing in the top five means nothing to measure the SEO provider's competence. Furthermore, in the attorney example, make sure the search they're showing is for something like "business attorneys County or CITY" instead of "attorneys maple street."

Are the Bigger SEO Companies Better?

The most crucial factor regarding the quality of SEO Services is the competence of the people working on your project.

There's a wide range of expertise in SEO Specialists in large agencies. Big SEO Companies usually assign their best talent to big accounts. The SEO Specialist assigned to your account may have minimal experience. Experienced SEO staff will usually review inexperienced SEO employee's work. However, many times

  • the work is not thoroughly reviewed until there's trouble with the account; and
  • it can be challenging to jump in and quickly fix SEO for a website that's a mess.
Even a more frequent, thorough review is not as effective as having an experienced SEO Expert working on an account.
Small SEO Companies can range from experienced SEO Specialists to people who read a book or two and now claim to be SEO Experts.

Big or small, the most important way to evaluate the SEO Company is by reviewing their work for clients similar in size and competitive pressure to your business. Make sure you test for competitive keywords and key phrases. Talk directly to clients. Find out if they're happy with the business generated from their website. That's because top positions in Google Search mean nothing if they're not generating revenue.

100% of Web Traffic Is Worthless If It Doesn't Generate Revenue

  • The simple goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase traffic by improving your position in organic search results for keywords and key phrases likely used by people specifically looking for or in need of your product or service. The actual goal and the goal businesses who hire SEO Experts expect to achieve is increased revenues and profits generated online.
  • Traffic also depends on your site's presentation in the search results. It should quickly communicate what your site is all about in a compelling, organized, easy-to-read manner that entices people to click on the link.
  • Traffic means nothing if visitors quickly leave because your website
    • has
      • bad, useless, or no content;
      • spelling errors;
      • grammar errors;
      • excessive and pointless animation that makes it difficult to find and focus on key points;
    • is
      • disorganized;
      • hard to navigate;
      • frustratingly slow to load especially on mobile devices;
      • not scannable (most people hate to read especially on a computer screen);
      • written at a readability level that makes it hard for your target audience to comprehend; and
    • lastly, reads like a robot wrote the content by awkwardly inserting keywords and key phrases into the copy in an attempt to satisfy search engine algorithms.*

Does Your SEO Company Represent Competing Businesses?

SEO Company Conflict of Interests
If your SEO Services provider represents other businesses offering the same products and services in your service area, you have a major conflict of interest. You're paying Search Engine Optimization Company to supposedly apply all their SEO knowledge and skills to promote your business. However, that's impossible because competitors are paying your SEO Company to promote their businesses. SEO Companies can't logically or ethically represent competing businesses because doing so means they're competing with themselves.

When it comes to representing competing businesses, size matters. For example, assume a big business is paying $1,000 or more per month. Another smaller client competing with that big business is paying $300 each month. Which client do you think that SEO Company cares most about getting to rank number one? Which client does that SEO Company not want to rank at the top? It's a matter of common sense. Don't get hooked up with SEO Services that accept competing clients.

I represent only one business offering the same products and services in the same service area. Furthermore, your may include surrounding counties, all of Pennsylvania, or even the entire United States. Please read on to find out more about my Conflict of Interest Policy and dedicated Partnership Approach to SEO Services and your company's success.

When you ask your current SEO Company if they also represent your competition, get their denial in writing. SEO Firms may initially answer no because

  • separate internal teams work on competing accounts, or
  • a different office represents your competitor(s).

Nevertheless, the conflict remains because success for one business's SEO ranking damages others. Getting a non-compete agreement in writing, signed, and witnessed, will often jog the memory of many "forgetful" SEO Companies.