Is Your Website Content Written for People or Search Engines?

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People-Friendly Websites

Tens of factors must be considered while designing people-friendly websites. This webpage addresses some obvious considerations that you don't need to be a SEO expert to test. However, a professional, experienced Search Engine Optimization Company will consider everything while trying to increase your SERP position, trafffic, revenue, and profits.

Here are a few tests use to quickly identify websites that are not people-friendly and not convert traffic into revenue and profits. You don't have to be an SEO Expert to do these tests. Run the tests on
  • your website;
  • your current SEO Company's website; and
  • lastly, on SEO Services Agency candidates' websites you're considering.
Consideration for People-Friendly Websites

Readability Test

Read the content on the website out loud. Does the content sound anything like a normal human being would speak? Is it annoying and uncomfortable to hear? Low-quality content
  • insults your visitor's intelligence;
  • is unprofessional;
  • damages your brand; and
  • lastly, causes potential customers to quickly leave your website.
Writing professional web content that's both search engine and people-friendly is very difficult and comes with years of experience. Furthermore, the process of writing professional web content is very time-consuming especially if you don't know what you're doing.

Responsive Webpage Design Test

Testing for Responsive Webpage Design is fairly straightforward. View the website on your mobile phone and other mobile devices. Make sure the screen displays all important information in a user-friendly presentation and that the website remains easy-to-navigate. People expect mobile-friendly, responsive websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly, the overwhelming majority of mobile users will instantly leave your site.

Speed Test Using Your Mobile Phone

The time it takes to view your page after you click on a link affects conversion to sales on both desktops and mobile devices. However, speed is far more important on mobile devices because of lower bandwidth. Here's why.
  • Overall, more than 50% of web traffic now originates from mobile devices.
  • People are incredibly impatient, and 25% of Americans will leave your website if it takes more than four seconds to load. I think 25% is low. Regardless, if your website isn't fast, you have a major usability issue, and you're losing business.
  • Furthermore, 25% of the people only use mobile devices to search the Internet.

The problem is that you need content to generate immediate interest or the visitor rapidly leaves. Therefore, the key to success is to understand what to do the retain rich content and still provide fast load times. I know what to do to balance content and page speed.