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What You'll Discover About SEO for Commercial Cleaning

Pennsylvania Search Engine Optimization for Commercial Cleaning Businesses

You may be searching for SEO Services for your Commercial Cleaning Business for the first time. For many others, this may be your third or more attempt to find an SEO Expert or Company that can deliver promised results.

I am a Commercial Cleaning SEO Expert. Read this page to discover why

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done competently, is the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool to grow your Cleaning Business;
  • inept Search Engine Optimization can harm your business, and how to detect poor SEO in your Commercial Business's website and potential SEO Company's website;
  • Inbound Marketing SEO leverages the power of Search Engine Optimization and delivers several times more customers than regular SEO and Outbound Marketing;
  • modern SEO involves hundreds of factors, not just keywords, and keyword phrases, that also convert website visitors into customers;
  • very importantly, your current SEO Company, the one you're writing a check to each month, may be working against you by representing competing Cleaning Services; and
  • lastly, my aggressive, dedicated, partnership approach to SEO for Commercial Cleaning Companies quickly succeeds where traditional SEO has failed.
Visit the SEO PA Home Page to discover
  • more about my Search Engine Optimization Services, SEO Expertise and Qualifications;
  • current trends in SEO and Internet Marketing;
  • why Search Engine Optimization is a Process and not a Project;
  • important things to consider regarding SEO including topics like Page Speed, Responsive Web Pages, Web Usability; and
  • lastly, Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization.

Most Cleaning Businesses Are Dissatisfied with Their SEO Company

Does the following sound familiar?

  • You're using the third, fourth, or even higher SEO Company.
  • You're tired of paying hundreds of dollars every month for SEO Services and still ranking on page two or lower in Google.
  • Each new SEO Firm professes to be an expert in SEO for Cleaning Businesses and promises that they can get you to the top of Google's search results. However, after several months or even years, your rankings have hardly moved, remained static, or even dropped.
  • You're ranking well for small towns but not for the larger towns where there's tens or hundreds of times more business;
  • Most importantly, you're not getting new customers from your website.
You logically conclude that, if all these Search Engine Optimization Companies have failed, it must be impossible for a Cleaning Services Company to get a top search position.

My SEO Approach Can Move Your Cleaning Business to the Top

It's not impossible. There's a Cleaning Company currently in the top position. The Tooth Fairy didn't put them there. There's a reason. They may have a great website. Often they have the least terrible of many weak websites. However, there's always a reason. Regardless of why they're at the top, together we can do it better. We can and will win.
Read this page to find out why successive SEO Services continue to fail. Find out why my guaranteed, proven, partnership, client-focused, ethical and " white hat" approach to SEO for Cleaning Companies is different and succeeds. I can make this happen.
Are you already convinced? Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.

Traditional Approach to SEO for Commercial Cleaning Services

New Business from SEO Services
On the other hand, your current SEO Services provider's invoices seem to get delivered pretty fast!
Most SEO Companies take a long-term approach to delivering new business through Search Engine Optimization. In return for a monthly fee, they
  • Add content to the website each month. Content is essential. However, it's only one component of SEO. Furthermore, not all content is equal. Poorly written web pages can adversely affect your web position. SEO Companies understandably limit their time to match the monthly revenue.
    • Content can be generated in-house, however most often it's available boilerplate content they purchase on a particular subject.
    • There is usually very little concern that the content is something your potential customers are searching for or interested in discovering. (If it's a blog post, has anyone ever left a comment?)
    • Content is not personalized either from the standpoint of the client or the business.
  • The content is then handed off to the SEO Expert who most-often awkwardly embeds preselected keywords and key phrases into the copy.
    • Read your website copy out loud. Does it trip all over itself? The uncomfortable feeling you get when you read it is the result of writing for Search Engines and not people. The annoyance may be more for me because I work with Web copy every day. However, I find web copy written for Search Engines insulting, and I can't wait to get away from it.
  • You'll get all manner of reports analyzing your traffic.
    • Statistics are certainly useful. However, the question you rarely hear is "How many new clients did you get from the website last month?" If you hire me, I'll ask that question every week. I'll ask you every week because new business is what really matters. If you're not getting new business the dollars spent on SEO are a big waste of money.
    • Do you receive a detailed explanation of what your SEO Services Company did on your behalf during the month? Many SEO Companies do nothing.

Lackawanna County's Partnership Approach to SEO for Commercial Cleaning Businesses

Partnership Approach to Lackawanna County, Pa SEO Services
  • I'm a Cleaning Business SEO Expert. However, I'm first and foremost a businessman. I understand what it means to make a payroll, control expenses, and expect a return on any investment including Search Engine Optimization.
  • When I take on a new Cleaning Business, or any business, I treat it like my own. As such, I want the top SEO position and increased business yesterday. Therefore, I do a tremendous amount of work on the front end of a project.
    • The value of the hours I spend on this front end full-court press approach to SEO are far more than my monthly SEO fee. I want long-term partnerships with my SEO clients. The upfront effort represents my investment in the partnership.
    • Successful SEO involves immersing yourself in the product or service you're marketing. By not breaking my concentration moving from one client to the other, I'm more efficient.
    • The rapid improvement in search position drives increased business. The increase in business is exponential.
    • Increased revenue
      • proves that competent, professional SEO for Cleaning Businesses works if you have the right SEO Company, and
      • very crucially, makes it a lot easier to write the check for my SEO Services each month when the amount is a fraction of the new business I'm generating.
  • I'm 100% dedicated to promoting your Cleaning Business. I don't represent competing Commercial Cleaning Businesses in the same service area even if they offer different Cleaning Services. That's because you may want to offer additional services in the future. If I already have a client offering that new service, I immediately have a conflict of interest.
Let's get started now. Pick up the phone. It's that thing with a receiver and a cord you may have thought was a decorative paperweight. Call me. Let me look at your Cleaning Business's website. I'll give you an idea of how long it will take to start seeing an increase in your business.
Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.

Does Your SEO Company Represent Competing Cleaning Businesses in Lackawanna County?

If your SEO Services provider represents other Cleaning Companies in Lackawanna County offering the same services, you have a major conflict of interest. You're paying someone to apply all their SEO skills to promote your business. At the same time, competing Cleaning Services are paying your SEO Company to promote their businesses.

SEO Companies can't logically or ethically represent competing businesses because doing so means they're competing with themselves. However, no matter which client wins, the SEO Company gets paid. If that doesn't make you mad, it should.

I represent only one Commercial Cleaning Company in a given service area. Please read on to find out more about my dedicated partnership approach your Cleaning Business's success.

When you ask your current SEO Company if they also represent your competition, get their denial in writing. SEO Firms may initially answer no because

  • separate teams work on competing accounts;
  • a different office represents your competitor; or
  • they "lack candor".

Nevertheless, the conflict remains because success for one Cleaning Business's ranking by definition damages the others. Getting the non-compete agreement in writing, signed and witnessed, will often jog the memory of many less than scrupulous or forgetful SEO Companies.

You Won't Find Better SEO for Cleaning Businesses

I developed my skills using Inbound SEO to grow my Internet businesses. I've spent thousands of hours working on SEO. I successfully compete with Amazon and other Internet giants.

The same SEO skills and expertise works incredibly well in SEO for Cleaning Businesses. I have to adapt Search Engine Optimization for your unique business. However, the core concepts in the SEO approach remain. Let me put them to work for you.

SEO for Commercial Cleaning Businesses is Extremely Competitive

Cleaning Business SEO Components The graphic above represents major considerations for SEO for a Cleaning Business. There are many things to consider within each category. Smoothly integrating all these considerations takes years of experience.
Cleaning Business websites use the same keywords and key phrases for a given cleaning services. Here's how we distinguish you from the rest.
  • I have to understand what makes your Cleaning Service stand out from other providers. Why should I choose your Cleaning Company? Why are you the best people to clean my office?
  • While I prioritize pages, I ultimately incorporate excellence into every existing page on the website. That's because Google considers the strength of your entire site when it ranks any page. I achieve excellence by recognizing and integrating every primary consideration in Search Engine Optimization including
    • web copy
      • topical;
      • has excellent readability;
      • is scannable;
      • grammatically correct;
      • personalized;
      • uses the inverted pyramid approach to presenting information;
      • designed to help and inform but not lecture;
      • whenever possible uses words non-attorneys can understand or explain technical terms in layman terms;
      • is Optimized for and focused on Inbound Marketing;
      • written for people and not Search Engines; and
      • lastly, presents an optimistic and uplifting view.
    • the website is
      • fast;
      • responsive displaying well on all media;
      • easy to use;
      • well-organized;
      • easy to navigate; and
      • contains clean code.

Inbound Marketing SEO Generates More and Higher Quality Traffic

Inbound Marketing SEO

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing SEO involves developing web pages around keywords or key phrases related to a need(s) or a problem(s) that your product or service addresses or solves.

People who need your product or service find your business. They may not know your product, service, or even the type of product or service exists. However, they find you nevertheless. Now all you have to do is convince them that your product or service works and your business is their best choice.

Studies show Inbound Marketing is 750% more productive than Outbound Marketing which includes
  • direct mail;
  • email campaigns;
  • newspaper ads; and
  • radio ads.

Inbound Marketing and Social Media

However, I think Inbound Marketing is more effective when you consider Social Networking.

People who have a particular need or problem interact and network with people with the same needs or problems. This adds the best sales tool of all... word of mouth either directly or via social networking.

Directly contacting social media outlets related to people with special needs or common interests is another important aspect of Inbound Marketing.

Advantages and Benefits of Inbound Marketing

  • The cost of Inbound Marketing is low cost compared to Outbound Marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing via SEO doesn't expire.
  • Customer relations improve because the potential customer invites you to present your product or service as opposed to being interrupted and or otherwise annoyed.
  • Your presentation can be more professional as opposed to the obnoxious, flamboyant presentations in most outbound marketing as ads attempt to draw attention in a sea of advertisements.
I've been doing Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization for 16+ years. I know what I'm doing.
Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.

Types of Engagements

  • Website Review - I review your website and provide a list of recommendations and the order of implementation. You get an idea of the cost. There's no fixed amount for this service because every site is different and I do a thorough, detailed, and professional job.
  • SEO Management - recommendations including technical advice to existing staff. This approach is initially slow because I have to depend other people, their learning curve and the willingness to learn and change. This situation can be very political because the relationship between webmasters and their sites is almost like a parent-child relationship. Web masters generally don't like other people touching it or telling them what to do.
  • I can do the entire project because of I have the necessary skills to do all phases of SEO including coding, images, and videos completing tasks immediately as required.

What Does Competent, Effective, and Professional Search Engine Optimization Services Cost in Lackawanna County?

No Other Pennsylvania SEO Company Makes Professional SEO Services More Affordable

Professional SEO Services
When you shop for SEO Services, keep in mind that SEO Experts have a wide range of capabilities and expertise with commensurate rates. Choosing an SEO Company based upon cost alone could be one of the most expensive decisions you ever make.
Bargain SEO Services

Contracts Based on Satisfying Specific Goals

This minimizes your risk and proves that I'm 100% confident of your satisfaction with the quality of my work. You are only obligated to pay a predetermined amount either in a lump sum by monthly payments if I deliver the promised results. I do the vast majority of work on the front end of a new project. The minimum amount due upon after achieving the agreed upon goals protects me from a client simply canceling my services after attaining a top search position.

Negotiable Rates

I'm totally negotiable and creative with my fees to make the highest quality SEO services affordable. Rates are generally from $75 /hr. to $300 /hr. depending upon the expected length of the engagement. Total cost depends upon what you want me to do and what talent you have in house. There is no "one size fits all" with anything related to SEO because each website is so unique.

SEO Monthly Retainer Fee

Establishing a monthly retainer fee has two major advantages.
  1. You know the exact cost of your Search Engine Optimization and spreads the expense evenly over time. There are no spikes and no surprises. You still receive a full monthly accounting of all SEO hours spent on your behalf and why.
  2. I take responsibility for your Search Engine Optimization and your business's success personally and very seriously and will do whatever I ethically have to do and spend whatever time required to succeed. So you're going to get a lot of SEO bang for your buck especially early on. Note that when you truly understand Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing, there's always more than enough to do. There's more than you can do. SEO is a business process that's never done.
I like a retainer because
  1. I know what my revenues are going to be.
  2. More importantly, I can be more effective because I don't have to worry about "running up the bill". If I see an opportunity that's going to take some time I can take advantage of it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee my work. If you're not satisfied, you don't pay. My overall experience with consultants in the past has been disappointing. That's because I expected them to know what they're doing, hit the ground running, and deliver results. I guarantee my work because I do know what I'm doing, I do hit the ground running and 100% confident I can deliver results.
Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.


SEO Non-Compete Policy

Does your SEO Company also represent your competitors? I will not accept SEO clients who compete with your business. Some web SEO Services boast that they're experts in a particular industry. If they do represent a competing business, it's a classic conflict of interest. Representing more than one competing SEO client also raises significant privacy issues. Get the agreement in writing.

Full Disclosure Billing

  • bill once a month with payment due upon receipt;
  • accept checks, all major credit cards and PayPal;
  • provide a detailed explanation of work performed by date; and
  • lastly, offer a No Risk Full Cash Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Privacy Policy

  • will sign whatever non-disclosure or non-compete agreements as required.
  • accept payment by Check or Money Order for anyone not wanting to use their credit card under any circumstances over the Internet; and
  • won't constantly badger you with annoying junk emails.
Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.