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Berks County-based Search Engine Optimization of Pennsylvania (SEO PA)
  • is led by a Local and National SEO Expert with 17+ years of Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing experience acquired while running successful online businesses.
  • takes a unique, aggressive, fast-paced approach to SEO Services because the traditional, painfully slow, incremental approach to Search Engine Optimization can take months, even years, to have a positive ROI.
  • targets highly-competitive, high-traffic, and revenue-generating keywords and key phrases, not just the easy ones.
  • very importantly, understands that successful Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is not measured by increased traffic alone. If increased traffic doesn't generate revenue either through online or additional walk-in sales, it has no value.
Read this entire page to discover
  • critical information you need to know about Search Engine Optimization to make an informed choice when selecting a SEO Services Company;
  • if SEO PA is the best fit for your business; and
  • ways you can test a website to recognize low-quality content and performance issues that will damage both your position in search results and brand image.

Experienced Lehigh Valley Search Engine Optimization Consultant and SEO ExpertWhy Hiring an Experienced Lehigh Valley SEO Services Company is Crucial

Google's algorithm uses hundreds of variables to determine your website ranking in search results. No one knows the exact content. We do know that crucial key variables include the SEO considerations listed below.

The steps are interactive and interdependent, and each considered simultaneously while developing a website or webpage. Less experienced SEO specialists either

  • don't know about or how to address all the considerations;
  • try to address the issues they do know about individually; or
  • lastly, often permanently ignore SEO considerations they feel are less important.

Some considerations are more important than others. However, in highly competitive situations, everything counts. It doesn't take much additional time for an experienced SEO Expert to incorporate all the factors. Therefore, SEO Experts know, and you know, you have taken every step possible to succeed.

After you've done SEO for 17+ years and thousands of hours, you develop a style that incorporates most of these factors without having to think about them. You develop your style to provide a positive experience for your potential customer. Google developed its algorithm to measure how well your site satisfies a site visitor's needs.

Inexperienced SEO consultants focus on Google's algorithm, not people. That's when you get web copy that's quirky and doesn't sound right. Emphasis on satisfying algorithms also results in web pages more susceptible to changes in algorithms.

SEO ComponentsSearch Engine Optimization Involves More Than Keywords and Key Phrases

The best time to begin optimizing a website is before a single line of code is written. That's because

  • the structure of the page can affect SEO,
  • understanding your customer's needs and knowing your targeted keywords and key phrases are necessary to write effective and useful content, and
  • lastly, the platform used to develop the website, i.e. a coded website vs. WordPress, affects SEO.
The effectiveness of SEO on existing websites depends on tens of factors and needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Business and Competitive Analysis

  • What does the business do?
  • What is the goal(s) of the website?
  • Who are our customers? Inbound Marketing questions include...
    • What are their needs that our products or services fulfill?
    • What problems do our Products or services solve?

Keyword/Key Phrase Research

  • What words customers are most likely to use to find our product or service? These words might be different than the words you would use to find your business. That's because owners are too familiar with there businesses and use words not commonly used by the public.
  • What words our customers are most likely to use to describe their problem or needs for which our product or service offers a solution?
  • Over time we will build content around other keywords and key phrases that are less often or likely used. Why? Because as a businessman, I want all the traffic and resulting revenue. I'm sure you feel the same way.

Site Architecture

How do we structure the website incorporating web usability to enable the customer to quickly find what they're looking for in three clicks or less.

Internal Linking Strategy

An intelligent internal linking approach serves two purposes and goes hand in hand with site architecture.
  1. First and most importantly, site visitors quickly and easily find answers to their questions and needs. Imagine going to the Mall of America without a kiosk or online directories to tell you where the stores are located.

    Now picture that same scenario but with your eyes closed. That's what it's like to use a website with poor navigation. Visitors get lost, frustrated, and quickly leave your site.
  2. Google and most other major search engines love logical linking, and it's important for SEO.
There's a lot more involved with internal linking, but that's it in a nutshell.

Web Copy / Web Content

Writing web copy and web content are completely different from writing for any other media and is an art developed over time. You want to use keywords and key phrases in your copy and content. However, above all, the copy has to sound "natural" and not trip all over itself. That's what happens when you write for search engines instead of people.

rel=canonical configuration

This topic is a little for this page but suffice it to say it involves avoiding problems with duplicate content, an SEO "No No."

Semantic Markup (Schema.org)

Schema.org markup tells Google and other search engines about how to interpret the information contained on your page. Before semantic markup, the search engines would essentially have to guess.

Page Speed Optimization

Speed Speed Optimization involves optimizing your images, incorporating responsive images, combining and compressing the code, and making changes on your host server.
A sitemap is essentially a list of all the pages on your website. The sitemap is then uploaded to the search engines to help them find and crawl your pages. It does not guarantee they will include your pages in their search results.

Manual Page Submission to Search Engines

Generally Google and the other major search engines will crawl the content of your sitemap within 30 days. You can adjust the days to revisit the page in the sitemap. However, we can discuss why that's not always the best idea. I can manually request that Google crawl specific pages immediately.

Analyze, Tweak and Add More Content

Revisit any one or all of the previous steps. SEO is a process, not a project. Continue to add useful, topical content. Also, don't be afraid to add content as fast as you can. A competing SEO provider I respect warns against adding content too fast. Put yourself in Google's shoes. Detecting a site adding lots of well-written, useful and original content shows initiative and hard work.

Your budget or time may limit the amount of new content you can produce. However, make every effort to add some content at least monthly. However, always make sure the content you add is useful and of high quality. Note that surges in the number of inbound links do appear unnatural, and Google will most likely penalize you.

Monitor Using Continuous Process Improvement

Verify your position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Position) and take necessary corrective action. We're always trying to improve how well the website ranks in search results, serves site visitor's needs, and converts into sales and leads.

Link Building

You may wonder why I show Link Building before analyzing and tweaking. That's because great content generates legitimate, high-quality links.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for People, Not Search EnginesOptimized Web Pages with Content Written for People, Not for Search Engines

Successful businesses always focus on customer satisfaction. Your website design and content must focus on user satisfaction.

Many SEO service providers have a gimmick(s) that they say will fool Google's or Bing's algorithm. Gimmicks might work for a while.

Algorithms modern search engines use are ultra-sophisticated and influenced by literally hundreds of factors. Gimmicks designed to earn search positions come and go. You may be on page one today and on page 30 tomorrow. These gimmicks often make your page copy feel unnatural and annoying to the reader.

The goal is not to just generate traffic. It's to generate sales or leads. The best way to turn traffic into revenues and profit is to present quality web copy defined in human terms.

Critically important factors influencing your search position over the long-term are not gimmicks. They're common sense in both human and algorithmic terms and not as susceptible to changes in search engine algorithms.

One common tactic is to stuff the web page copy with targeted keywords and key phrases. If the SEO Specialist takes it too far, keyword stuffing will trigger penalties adversely affecting your search position. However, there are cases where keyword stuffing does not trigger penalties and helps your search position.

However, while keyword stuffing may not trigger Google's Search Engine Algorithm penalties, it triggers a negative human reaction. Humans penalize your website by clicking away from it because overusing keywords

  • is awkward and uncomfortable;
  • gets in the way of quickly conveying your message the value of your products and services; and
  • damages your brand.

You can't pay the rent or meet payroll with search position or the number of clicks. Traffic has to convert to revenue or it's worthless.

Here's a freebie. Read your web copy out loud. If it doesn't sound natural and flowing, you're writing for search engines. Google, especially, doesn't like that. More importantly, people don't like that.

Lehigh Valley SEO Partnership ApproachUnique Partnership Approach to Search Engine Optimization Services

Lehigh Valley SEO Expert and Businessman

  • I'm an SEO Expert. However, I'm first and foremost a businessman. I understand what it means to make a payroll, control expenses, and expect a return on any investment, including Search Engine Optimization.
  • When I take on a new business, I treat it like it's mine. As such, I want the top SEO position and increased business yesterday. Therefore, I do a tremendous amount of work on the front end of a project.
    • The value of the hours I spend on this front end full-court press approach to SEO are far more than my monthly SEO fee. I want long-term partnerships with my SEO clients. The upfront effort represents my investment in the partnership.
    • Successful SEO involves immersing yourself in the product or service you're marketing. By not breaking my concentration moving from one client to the other, I'm more efficient.
    • The rapid improvement in search position drives increased business. The increase in business is exponential. I have a client Law Firm that had to budget their time between new client consultations and legal work to accommodate the volume of new business. I can provide them as a reference.
    • Increased revenue
      • proves that SEO works if you have the right SEO Company, and
      • very importantly, makes it a lot easier to write the check for my SEO Services each month when the amount represents a fraction of your increased revenue.
  • I'm 100% dedicated to promoting your business. I don't represent your competition.

Lehigh Valley SEO Services Conflict of InterestWe Won't Accept New Lehigh Valley SEO Clients That Compete with an Existing Account

Does your SEO Company also represent your competitors? If they do represent a competing business, including your entire service area, not just Lehigh Valley, it's a classic case of conflict of interest.

I will not accept SEO clients who compete with your business.

Representing more than one competing SEO client also raises significant privacy issues. If your SEO Company claims they do not optimize competitors' web sites, be sure get it in writing.
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Reading, PA SEO Services Focused on Increasing Revenue, Not Just TrafficYour Goal for Using an SEO Company is Increased Revenue and Profit, Not Just Traffic

  • Your web traffic has to convert into revenue. There are tens, if not hundreds of things to consider in producing web pages that are both high-traffic with high conversion. Most SEO providers concern themselves with increasing traffic. Certainly, high traffic is crucial for growing your online business.
  • However, if you take nothing else away from reading this page, understand that all the critical components of Internet Marketing are inseparable. How well one consideration is done impacts the success and effectiveness of the others.
  • Therefore, the best SEO approach is holistic whereby everything is considered simultaneously. The ability to execute an effective holistic approach comes with experience.
You can trust me to use a successful, fast ROI holistic approach to your business's SEO because I
  • am a professional Reading, PA Search Engine Optimization Expert and Consultant with 17+ years of SEO experience;
  • became an SEO Expert using Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization to grow my successful Reading, PA-based retail and B2B online businesses;
  • successfully compete with and often beat Amazon and other Internet giants in search engine ranking; and
  • thoroughly understand Organic Inbound Marketing SEO.
I will use comprehensive, state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization emphasizing Inbound Marketing to increase your web traffic and revenues by providing a website that is:
  • organized;
  • filled with high quality content directed towards satisfying visitors needs and questions;
  • incredibly fast;
  • scannable;
  • interactive without resembling an arcade game;
  • easy to navigate and search;
  • written for people instead of search engines;
  • a Progressive Web App (PWA) that places a shortcut on your desktop or phone that loads with or without a live connection to the Internet, and
  • lastly, designed to allow visitors to find what they're searching for in two clicks or less.
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Lehigh Valley Seal Better Local Search Engine Optimization for Businesses Serving Lehigh Valley Residents

  • Colloquial Language - For most websites, you want informal dialogue in your web copy and content. So it's best to use words familiar to your audience.

    For example, if you live in Lehigh Valley and want a soft drink, you order a soda, and the waiter or waitress will ask you if you want a Coke, Dr. Pepper, or whatever. If you're in a Midwest restaurant and order a soda, the waitress might not know what you're talking about because they call it pop. Furthermore, consider what word an SEO Company based in India might choose when describing a soda. The point is that your SEO should be centered around keywords and key phrases your targeted audience use and likely to use when doing an Internet search.
  • Local Points of Reference - presenting your product or service using local points of interest and familiarity, like using colloquial language, helps to personalize your presentation and increases the visitors comfort level of being on your site.

Lehigh Valley National SEO ExpertNational Search Engine Optimization Promotes Lehigh Valley Businesses Across Pennsylvania and The United States

  • can show you how to rank nationally because I am first and foremost a National Search Engine Optimization Services Provider and Consultant;
  • became a National SEO expert optimizing pages for my successful online stores;
  • successfully compete nationally with and often outrank the Internet giants for highly competitive keywords and key phrases, and
  • lastly, can prove it.

Developing a National SEO Strategy involves the same principals as Local SEO but on a much larger scale. You need someone to show you what to do, or you'll spend a boatload of time and money and have very little to show for it.

Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.

Lehigh Valley Inbound Marketing ExpertLehigh Valley's Inbound Marketing SEO Expert

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing SEO involves developing web pages around keywords or key phrases related to a need(s) or a problem(s) that your product or service addresses or solves.

People who need your product or service find your business. They may not know your product, service, or even the type of product or service exists. However, they find you nevertheless. Now all you have to do is convince them that your product or service works and your business is their best choice.

Studies show Inbound Marketing is 750% more productive than Outbound Marketing which includes
  • direct mail;
  • email campaigns;
  • newspaper ads; and
  • radio ads.

Inbound Marketing and Social Media

Inbound Marketing is more effective because of Social Networking.

People who have a particular need or problem interact and network with people with the same needs or problems. People with common interests add the best sales tool of all, word of mouth either directly or via social networking.

Directly contacting social media outlets related to people with special needs or common interests is another important aspect of Inbound Marketing.

Advantages and Benefits of Inbound Marketing

  • The cost of Inbound Marketing is low cost compared to Outbound Marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing via SEO doesn't expire.
  • Customer relations improve because the potential customer invites you to present your product or service as opposed to being interrupted and or otherwise annoyed.
  • Your presentation can be more professional as opposed to the obnoxious, flamboyant presentations in most outbound marketing as ads attempt to draw attention in a sea of advertisements.
  • The cost of Inbound Marketing is low cost compared to Outbound Marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing via SEO doesn't expire.
  • Customer relations improve because the potential customer invites you to present your product or service as opposed to being interrupted and or otherwise annoyed.
  • Your presentation can be more professional as opposed to the obnoxious, flamboyant presentations in most outbound marketing as ads attempt to draw attention in a sea of advertisements.
I've been doing Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization for 17+ years. I know it inside and out and it's an amazing SEO Marketing tool.
Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.

No Outsourcing SEO ServicesWe DO NOT Outsource SEO Services Because It Doesn't Work Well

In an effort to cut costs and reduce fees, many SEO Companies outsource some or all Search Engine Optimization work to subcontractors. Many times SEO subcontractors are overseas. Here's why I think outsourcing Search Engine Optimization is a bad idea and why I do all the SEO work myself.

Thorough Understanding of the Product or Service

I take the time to gain a thorough understanding of the business, product, and services I'm marketing. This step is crucial for
  • winning the most competitive keywords in a competitive market and for effective Inbound Marketing; and
  • creating web copy that converts into sales and revenue because you can get "inside the head" of potential customers.

Subcontractors don't have this knowledge. In fact, very few SEO Companies take the time to acquire this knowledge.

Holistic Website Optimization

Every aspect or Search Engine Optimization is interrelated.
  • The strength of the Home Page depends upon the quality of all the web pages.
  • The strength of individual pages is influenced by the quality of all the other pages on the site.
  • Every word, image, and line of code matters.

This continuity in development is lost when tasks are farmed out to third parties. Continuity is challenged when a team is involved in SEO.

Types of SEO Clients and Projects in Pennsylvania and The United States

  • Website Review - I review your website and provide a list of recommendations and the order of implementation. You get an idea of the cost. There's no fixed amount for this service because every site is different and I do a thorough, detailed, and professional job.
  • SEO Management - recommendations including technical advice to existing staff. This approach is initially slow because I have to rely on other people, their learning curve, and the willingness to learn and change. This situation can be very political because the relationship between webmasters and their sites is almost like a parent-child relationship. Webmasters generally don't like other people touching it or telling them what to do.
  • I can do the entire project because of I have the necessary skills to do all phases of SEO including coding, images, and videos completing tasks immediately as required.

What Does Competent, Effective, and Professional Lehigh Valley Search Engine Optimization Services Cost?

No Other Lehigh Valley Search Engine Optimization Company Makes Professional SEO Services More Affordable

Contracts Based on Satisfying Specific Goals

This minimizes your risk and proves that I'm 100% confident of your satisfaction with the quality of my work. You are only obligated to pay a predetermined amount either in a lump sum by monthly payments if I deliver the promised results. I do the vast majority of work on the front end of a new project. The minimum amount due upon after achieving the agreed-upon goals protects me from a client simply canceling my services after attaining a top search position.

Negotiable Rates

I'm negotiable and creative with my fees to make the highest quality SEO services affordable. Rates generally range from $75 /hr. to $300 /hr. depending upon the expected length of the engagement. The total cost depends upon what you want me to do and what talent you have in-house. There's no "one size fits all" with anything related to SEO because each website is so unique.

SEO Monthly Retainer Fee

Establishing a monthly retainer fee has two major advantages.
  1. You know the exact cost of your Search Engine Optimization and spread the expense evenly over time. There are no spikes and no surprises. You still receive a full monthly accounting of all SEO hours spent on your behalf and why.
  2. I take responsibility for your Search Engine Optimization and your business's success personally and very seriously. I'll do whatever I ethically have to do and spend whatever time required to succeed. So you're going to get a lot of SEO bang for your buck, especially early on. Note that there's always more than enough to do when you truly understand Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing. There's more than you can do. SEO is not a project. Instead, SEO is an ongoing business process you never finish.
I like retainers because
  1. I know what my revenues are going to be.
  2. More importantly, I can be more effective because I don't have to worry about "running up the bill." If I see an opportunity that will take some time, I can take advantage of it.

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee my work. If you're not satisfied, you don't pay. My overall experience with consultants in the past has been disappointing. That's because I expected them to know what they're doing, hit the ground running, and deliver results. I guarantee my work because I know what I'm doing, hit the ground running, and am 100% confident I can deliver results.

FAQs About SEO

Will I have to modify my existing website?
Yes. You will have to change a few things and sometimes prepared to make extensive changes. That's part of the process of Search Engine Optimization. The best time to begin Search Engine Optimization is long before you code the first page.
Can you guarantee a top position in Google Search?
No. No one can. I can guarantee significant improvement. I can guarantee visitors will spend more time on your website and higher conversions or leads. However, there are uncontrollable factors that influence placement.
Why don't you use PPC to market your SEO Services?
I'm claiming to be an Organic Search Engine Optimization Expert. What message does it send if I have to use PPC for you to find me?
How long does it take to see an improvement in the search results?
It depends. The standard answer is weeks or months. Without making any false promises, I think you'll see some improvement almost immediately. That's because you can manually request a page(s) be indexed instead of waiting up to 30 days for indexing to occur automatically. Google SERPs reflect the impact of changes far faster than in the past.
Did you ever make a change that adversely affected search position?
Oh yeah. In the short run, absolutely! However, that's part of the challenge and frustration of SEO. There's always an element of risk when you make a change, although it's less risky when you know what you're doing. That's why you always have multiple backups that span several days so you can restore things in a hurry if or when something goes wrong. Some SEO providers stop trying to improve your position because of the risk. However, the reward of moving up in the search results is exponential, not linear. That's especially true if the search position bump up puts you "above the fold" so no scrolling is required.
Are you saying that organic search is all I need to worry about?
No. I'm telling you to put most of your effort into improving organic search results by making the website
  • more valuable to users;
  • easier to use;
  • and adding high-quality, relevant and useful content.
Other SEO areas like social media and link building will naturally benefit as well.
Do you support blogs?
Like all things SEO, the value of a blog depends on the product or service. There is tremendous value in exploiting other high-volume established blogs using low-cost, quick, and proven Inbound Marketing strategies.
I've seen some websites that I consider to be horrible, break every rule you taught me, and still rank at the top of search results. How do you explain that?"
I can't. Welcome to Search Engine Optimization. I have seen websites listed as "Coming Soon" show up at the top of search results for a short while. Other websites violate all the rules and show up in the top ranks. My advice is to ignore these sites because your customers will.

Most bad pages will disappear from top search engine results over time. However, I have seen some bad web pages that don't disappear. Some knowledgeable people think that some websites get a little "manual help" to achieve their position. It is what it is. Don't let these exceptions distract you. Also, don't let these isolated cases make you believe that Search Engine Optimization is a waste of time because it isn't.

Should I be looking for a Search Engine Optimization firm that specializes in my industry?
Yes and no. If your Internet market is local or even regional, the answer may be yes. That SEO Company or Consultant should know about high-quality keywords and key phrases and understand the market.

However, if the Search Engine Optimization Firm specializing in your industry represents your competitors in your service area, there's an automatic conflict of interest.

You're paying someone who is working for and against you. What if they try something new with your website and you achieve top position in Google? Do they not incorporate that same tweak in other clients' websites who are also paying them to win that same top position? Conversely, what if it's your competitor that received that tweak and they have the top position. How will you feel about writing that next check to your SEO provider if your SEO doesn't deploy that tweak on your website?
No matter what they do, it's a guaranteed conflict of interest. It's an important question to ask any Search Engine Optimization firm before you hire them. Also, don't just take their word for it. Make them put it in writing that they're not representing your competitors and that they won't represent competing businesses in the future.

I will not take on competing clients because there's no ethical way to do it, and I will put it in writing.

The .com boom is over. Is it worth investing a lot in Internet Marketing?
There is an incredible opportunity for marketing on the Internet. The only difference now than in the so-called .com boom is that now you have to earn it. No other medium offers the opportunity to target your product or service to people specifically looking for that product or service. No other advertising medium is as cost-effective.
Do you support Pay Per Click advertising?
I concentrate on Organic Search Engine Optimization where you earn the right to appear at the top of the search engine results. With PPC, those clicks add up in a hurry, and I felt like I was working for them. I didn't see a corresponding increase in profits. It must work to some degree because all the "big guys" seem to do it.
If you're good at SEO, why not just start your own online business?
You would! And, I did, and I still do! When you offer a service, you're paid once, usually very well, for your effort. When you expend those same efforts for your enterprise and are successful, the marketplace pays you multiple times for your efforts. You're paid a lot less per transaction, but forever. There is always maintenance and tweaking. However, it's a no-brainer. I offer SEO services as a means to raise working capital for my successful online businesses. Just as you are very careful about who you hire, I'm equally as careful about whom I work for and with. That's because I treat my clients as partners and their businesses the same as if they were mine.
What about Link-Building?
I take the "Field of Dreams" approach to Link Building. If you put valuable content on your site, the links will take care of themselves. That's how Google intended the process would work from the beginning. I put my money and time into content and performance. Once I have a great site up and running, you can usually get a link from main suppliers and related sites because it's legitimately benefiting them and their site's visitors associating themselves with your website.
Are you the #1 SEO Company?
Sure, why not? Most of my competitors say they're #1.
Contact Us Online or Call Me at 610-334-7463.
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Has Your Past Experience With SEO Services Been Disappointing?

Disappointed Pennsylvania Search Engine Optimization Company Client
If so, you're my favorite kind of new SEO client! That's because my clients new to Search Engine Optimization are not overly impressed when they rank at the top after just two or three months. They think the top ranking is typical after a short time because they have no basis for comparing.

Folks, ranking at the top in search results after two or three months is not typical for competitive, high-volume key phrases and, in fact, it's extremely rare. Strange as it may sound, my dream new Search Engine Optimization client has

Fantastic! Call me. I don't use tricks or gimmicks to succeed. I simply know what to do and front-end load the SEO work. So, what I do in the first month, a typical SEO Services Company might do incrementally over a period of several months or even years. Furthermore, I charge less in the beginning and more as you traffic and revenues increase.

5 5 / 5 Stars
Our business has increased so rapidly...
"We have tried so many different Search Engine Optimization companies before we found Nolan. He has been an absolute blessing to our business.

We started getting results almost immediately. Our business has increased so rapidly because he made us more visible.

His company treats us like family and cares about our business.

If you are searching for an SEO guru, your search is now complete. Give him a call.
" Brandy M., West Lawn, PA 05/02/18