What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Is It Crucial for Businesses in Berks County?

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Inbound Marketing SEO involves developing web pages around keywords or key phrases related to a need(s) or a problem(s) that your product or service addresses or solves.

People who need your product or service find your business. They may not know your product, service, or even the type of product or service exists. However, they find you nevertheless. Now all you have to do is convince them that your product or service works and your business is their best choice.

Inbound Marketing is one of the most powerful tools you'll find to grow you online revenues. Read this page to discover what Inbound Marketing is, why it's so much better than Outbound Marketing, and why you won't find better Inbound Marketing Services in Berks County and Pennsylvania.

What Is Outbound Marketing and Why Is It Not as Good as Inbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing Direct Mail
Outbound Marketing includes
  • direct mail;
  • email campaigns;
  • newspaper ads;
  • magazine ads; and
  • radio ads.

And, if you're like most people, you don't even notice Outbound Marketing anymore because there's so much of it. How much of your direct mailings go directly from your mailbox to your waste can?

Inbound Marketing is most effective when the recipient has previously purchased a product or service. But when you really think about it, that's a form of Inbound Marketing. That's because when properly timed, the recipient could reasonably be expected to upgrade or replace a product or needs a service performed again.

Advantages and Benefits of Professional Inbound Marketing

I'm a Berks County-based SEO and Inbound Marketing Expert. I've been using Inbound Marketing focused Organic Search Engine Optimization for 16+ years growing my successful eCommerce businesses. Here's why.
  • studies show Inbound Marketing is 750% more productive than Outbound Marketing;
  • Inbound Marketing is extremely low cost compared to Outbound Marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing via SEO doesn't expire.
  • Customer relations improve because the potential customer invites you to present your product or service as opposed to being interrupted and or otherwise annoyed.
  • Your presentation can be more professional as opposed to the obnoxious, flamboyant presentations in most outbound marketing as ads attempt to draw attention in a sea of advertisements.

Inbound Marketing and Social Networking

Inbound Marketing Leverages Social Networking
Inbound Marketing is more effective because of Social Networking.

People who have a particular need or problem interact and network with people with the same needs or problems. People with common interests add the best sales tool of all, word of mouth, either directly or via social networking.

Directly contacting social media outlets related to people with special needs or common interests is another important aspect of Inbound Marketing.

Why Is SEO PA Your Best Choice for Inbound Marketing Services in Berks County?

I have 16+ years of experience using Inbound Marketing focused Organic Search Engine Optimization to grow my online businesses. Done properly, Inbound Marketing is an incredible marketing tool. However, the best Inbound Marketing involves a lot of front-end research. That's because you have to understand thoroughly the product or services you're marketing. Only then do you begin to look for keywords and key phrases.

Most SEO Companies offering Inbound Marketing Services are unwilling to invest the time upfront unless you pay them immediately for their time. I get that because they have to make payroll. That's where I'm different because I am willing to invest my time in understanding your business.

And, because I'm confident I'll succeed, I structure my contracts to pay me over time. I structure payments based on achieving goals that compensate me for the time I put in the beginning. Fortunately, since my clients pay me from the increased profits they're already getting, it's a lot easier to write that check each month for SEO Services. Everyone wins. Again, most SEO Companies will not offer this approach because, despite what they claim, they are not confident they'll succeed.

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